Distant Suns

Distant Suns software is a "planetarium" simulation of the sky. It is used in our laboratory to allow students to rediscover many of the motions of the objects in the sky, and the fundamental science driving these motions. Distant Suns has a very intuitive user interface, and produces visually inviting displays. It comes with a minimal manual, and site licenses are available.

Link to Distant Suns at Astromedia Software

Here is a captured screen from Distant Suns, version 2.0. It shows the many objects in the sky at the time and place of this view. Distant Suns is particularly well-configurable. You can change the size and color of most objects, or even switch them off or on. The navigation bars at the edges of the screen allow you to move about, change your direction and magnification of view, and your distance from the centered object (in this case, the Sun).


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